online pitch for the Greatest Movie Ever

The Storyboard

Opening Scene


Opening dream scene at the exploding waterfall with Jon Lake.

Introducing Jon Lake


Introducing the main character, Jon Lake, computer tech for one of L.A's largest law firms. We meet his wife and two daughters.

Jon Needs to get away


Stress and nightly startling lucid dreams has Jon frustrated. He feels he needs to get away from it all, so he heads off on a week long camping trip alone.

Camping by the Waterfalls


After a series of unique signs, Jon ends up finding deep in the woods the exact waterfall he has been visiting in his dreams. He camps at the base waiting for what's next.

meets a supernatural being


A supernatural being claiming to be God appears and blows Jon's mind. And after proving who it is, the entity joins Jon at the campsite dressed as a 70 year old male hiker.

a journey back in time


Jon is taken on an actual journey back in time to visit the prophets of the major religions to witness their original messages. The entity appears next to Jon blending into the ancient scenes.

journey to other worlds


Next Jon is taken on a journey to other planets in the universe to see societies that are ahead and behind our development.

Jon's past lives


Jon gets to visit the most important of his past lives to better understand the journey he is on and how it came to this moment. He also experiences life after he dies in the infinite realm of total knowing.

asked to be the messenger


Jon is asked to be the next messenger and tell the people what happened here. He gets in a fight with God and is knocked out only to awaken being evacuated out of the woods.

Jon Starts the Mission


To counter Jon's PTSD after his wild encounter in the woods his wife suggest telling his story on his friends popular Youtube show. Jon handles it well and shares profound simple wisdom even though some were making fun of other guest made fun of him.

Worldwide Fame & Problems


After the podcast, Jon become a worldwide phenomenon over the next few months. Huge crowds gather in front of his house wanting to be near the man who camped with God. Some love him and other think he's the devil.

The Great Debate on Oprah

Jon's fame

Jon's fame come to a grand climax with his appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show. He is joined by Dr. Phil, Richard Dawkins, Arch Bishop Clemons and Depak Chopra


A Revelation on an Ending

Jon has a revelation that changes the world.