online pitch for the Greatest Movie Ever

online pitch for the Greatest Movie Ever


About The Revelation



An atheist who lost is first born son in a mysterious crib death has a profound encounter while camping with an entity claiming to be God. After being taken on a journey through time and space he is asked to be the worlds next messenger of love and hope. And the amazing journey of Jon Lake causes a world movement so profound it is called The Revelation.



William Najger has combined over 50 years of profound personal life experiences into an epic story about realizing who we actually are and what the meaning of life really is. As a truth seeker and researcher of life's mysteries, William created a script designed to awaken the best in everyone and assist in making the world a better place for generations to come. The Revelation is an epic story to remind us all of our unlimited human potential.

Time for an epic movie


More than ever before is the need for a profoundly epic movie to come along and unite the world in peace, equality and truth. The goal of this future film is to experientially show the viewer their incredible gift of being fully alive and the power they have to make a difference in every aspect of their life. The Revelation is a story so powerful enlightening that it will start a new world religion based on the absolute and universal power of unconditional love.